sanibel film school
So,  where’s  the  campus?
If you’re looking for an actual, degree-granting film school, you’re in the wrong place.  (Much as we’d like to sell you a nice-looking diploma, our bail bondsman has asked that we refrain.)  But, we digress. Read on.

OK,  what  is  this?
Once upon a time, David E. Carter had an ad agency and film production company. (A major trade magazine called him “a creative genius.”)  He did a lot of serious documentaries; he wrote and produced programs that ran on PBS stations all over the country. His favorite was The Long Summers of Lou Dials, about a Negro League baseball player. (The program won 2 Emmys.)

But, David also has an offbeat sense of humor, and  his TV company produced more than a dozen comedy sketches that ran on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, beginning in 1988. (Two made Carson’s Anniversary Show one year ... 6 minutes out of the 90 minutes of that program were from the Carter team.)

So,  what’s  next?
So, now that David is living on Sanibel,  semi-retired (theoretically) what’s he supposed to do?

In 2006, he founded Sanibel Films to produce documentaries about important cultural and social issues, with a focus on the people who change the lives of others. See:

But, David still loves to take a funny idea and run with it, like he did for several years for the Tonight Show. 

cheaper  than  a  shrink 
Sanibel Film School is the “less serious” web site of David E. Carter, the place where he can experiment with the new software, where can can create short funny films. And, he can let his sense of humor get the regular exercise it needs to stay sharp.  And laugh a lot.  

So, this is the one place in the world where you can see fun things such as Smart Pet Tricks, Dog Owner’s Manual and Alien Reports, and a trailer for a “monster movie.”

 our  school  shirthttp://www.sanibelfilms.comshapeimage_2_link_0
life’s a
And here, you’ll see some of David’s recent work at “ film school.”

Discount British Comedy
Alien Reports
monster movie trailer
National Anthem Man
dog owner’s manual - the movie
smart pet trick
Follow Your Dreams
  (speech by David Carter)
From the archives: Tonight Show
There’s no football team at Sanibel Film School.  But, hey,
we’re saving $2 million a year we don’t have to pay for a coach.
This was then.

A national audience, Seven Emmy Awards, as well as a few Clios.

David E. Carter
Film Student

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